Technology Salaries

As a database administrator you can expect to earn a healthy income, even at the beginning of your career. The current average salary for a database admin is upwards of $80,000 (Source: BLS). In addition, job growth in this field is expected to grow by 31% over the next decade. This is well above the average for most other occupations. This is attributed to the growing number of companies and even smaller businesses who are moving into the digital age and seeking experienced professionals to electronically manage their data.

Right now, database administrators in New Jersey are making the most money in the United States. The average salary in this state is $86,920.  Other top paying states include Virginia, Washington, New Hampshire, and Delaware. Database administrators in these states are all making over $80,000 a year on average. Besides choosing the state you wish to work in, database administrators also have a large choice of the type of work environment they want to be in. Almost every field needs IT and database professionals. Obviously, the most popular environment for database administrators are computer and design related firms, but many also work in finance, education, and government.