Technology Certification

The main job responsibilities for a database administrator involve creating and managing databases that store information. This information is usually data involving financial information and other records of the employers. Unlike electronic security specialists, who are tasked with securing network systems and analyzing threats from both inside and outside the company, database administrators are usually focused on securing the databases they manage.

An average day for a database administrator typically involves several tasks. They routinely backup and store data to secure it in the event of a system wide crash. They also test databases to make sure they are working properly with no errors. Administrators will also be constantly updating the databases they manage with new information and updating the software to make sure it is running at optimal performance.

In order to work as a database administrator or in another high paying technology field, you will usually need some type of certification beyond your degree. Most technology certifications can be obtained online for a fee, and numerous study and resource materials are offered for each one. Many larger companies that offer higher paying jobs will also require you to obtain a Master’s Degree in Technology, which will involve an additional two years of education.